Who we are

Ever since we opened for business in 2012, we have worked hard to enhance and expand our bouquet of services in an industry that is at the heart of economic and social transformation. Internet have become an integral part of our everyday lives and will become even more so as we move towards an unprecedented level of integrated convergence. Bringing people and businesses together is what we do best, offering new internet, broadband connectivity and information technology solutions to Government, Businesses companies and Homes all over Iraq.


We work to deliver our vision by using our talent, skills and energies to connect, inspire and reward all we touch, every day. Hulum Telecom started communications infrastructure development as one of the main and top priorities to invest networks development in Iraq, to provide best services that gives people’s freedom of movement anywhere they want around the world while staying in touch with business and family to develop their knowledge and broaden their concerns the way they aim.

The Business sector in different categories, will not bounded by distances or location to reach new markets, innovative technologies will open new and varieties for global investment opportunities which provide new products and services to be accessible to everyone, anytime everyway.

Hulum Telecom is an Internet Service Provider, it is a registered Iraqi company established under the laws of Iraq on 20.12.2012. Hulum is offering a wide range of high-quality ICT (information and communication technology) services and solutions. Our clients receive the best possible service in ICT, Security, Site building, and project management. HulumTele is proud of to have highly train staff with a greatly work ethics trusted by our customers in both public and private sectors.

Hulum Telecom focuses on providing our clients with extra value by comprehensive technical and service support. HulumTele’s competent and skilled experts have many years of experiences providing network designs and executing projects. Hulum telecom deploys state of the art technology that goes in the long run to help our customers in finding satisfaction.

HulumTele allowed to benefits from all Internet National Gateways in all Iraq according to our mutual agreement with ITPC. Additionally HulumTele have access to IRAQ fiber optic backbone with enable the company to reach any customer in any part of Iraq through sophisticated Fiber optic network.

Furthermore, HulumTele certified by SCIS to provide Connectivity and Internet services to any Public sector customer.