Hulum Telecom Projects

Hulum Telecom Current Projects

The FTTH has been assigned to Hulum Company by the ministry of communication to cover Basrah, Thi Qar, and Al-Najaf. Which adds credit to the reputation of our company in providing services to the public sector, and to the private one as well.

Hulum Telecom Projects

Hulum Tele. Depends on dealing with the best vendors to provide the best services and support. We have an excellent and highly skilled teams specialized in telecommunication and connectivity solutions. Our teams are always up-to-date in terms of the recent advances in internet development. Hence, we are always ready to install and provide internet networks. Below are some of the projects executed by or company:

  • Installation (Point to Point & Point to Multipoint connections and Fiber-optic communication) in large numbers, more than 255 Tower, it has been distributed in Baghdad, Muthana, Karbala and Basra province. Providing Internet service for more than twenty-five thousand clients according to our mutual agreement with ITPC.


  • Execution the projects which concern with the installation of underground fiber optic system.


  • Installation of satellite internet access services “VSAT”, more than 200 location distributed on Baghdad, Basra, Karbala, Diwaniyah, Muthana, Najaf.

Provision and installation of Internet Service systems and delivery of Internet service to the following locations:

Husseini and Abbasi Holy stay in Karbala.

Iranian Consulate Karbala.

Schlumberger oil company Basra.

Karbala health Organization.

Structural laboratory in Karbala.

Ministry of healthEngineering Dept.Karbala.

Central Statistical Organization.Karbala.

Central Statistical Organization.Babil.

Central Statistical Organization.Najaf.

Collage of Engineering Karbala University.

College of Business and Economics Karbala University.

Al-khamail global headquarters, to its branches in Baghdad, Karbala, Basra, Dhi-Qar.

College of Veterinary Medicine Karbala University.

Central Library Karbala University.

The presidency of Karbala University.

Collage of Islamic Sciences Karbala University.

Collage of Computer Science Karbala University.

Karbala cement Factory.

Ain al-Tamur hospital.

Ain al-Tamur municipality building.

Al-Hindya Municipality.

The general hospital Al-Hindya Municipality.

Al-Husseinya municipality building.

Karbala municipality building.

STX Co. Karbala.

Iranian embassy Baghdad.

Karbala Provincial Council.

Karbala police headquarters.

Karbala Oil refinery.

Al-bunyan Company Muthana.

College of Law Karbala University.

Al-Kafeel project Karbala.

Groundwater Directorate Karbala.

Streams Karbala Directorate.

Maternity hospital Karbala.

Collage of systems engineering Karbala.

Al-Meera company Karbala.

Al-Zumurda Company Karbala.

ATK Company Karbala.

Jannat Al-Hussain Co. Karbala.