Hulum Telecom Events

  • In 2013 , Hulum Telecom established a development courses for technician staff for some companies in Karbala courses include MikroTik certifications “MTCNA” , also has done studies and development courses concerning with business management and time management for the company staff.



  • In 2014, Hulum Telecom established a specialized courses to the owners of the Internet distributing nodes “Points” and developmental courses especially in the field of the use of Internet devices, especially «MikroTik» and «UBNT», and we began to train our technical staff in the field of Cisco certifications.



  • In 2015, the company joined their staff from different fields of advanced studies in the field of project management, CISCO certification courses and also in the field of health and safety environment.



  • In 2016, Hulum Telecom had participated as one of the official sponsors in the Iraqi Airways at the seventieth anniversary as step to support the public sector and contributing to important national events.