Hulum Telecom Company Capability

Ability to Deliver High Quality of Service

Hulum Telecom is an Iraqi corporation. Hulum Telecom has on file a large list of successfully executed projects which clearly demonstrates that Hulum Telecom represent a responsible contractor with successful track record projects in different parts of Iraq both on time and within budget.


Ability to Work Effectively with our Customers and Clients

Our key and corporate staff have developed good working relationships with vendors and clients.

Ability to Provide Efficient Cost Management

The experience the company acquired by having managed lots of businesses, and the administrative staff development by studying the methods of international business management, have established an effective base of management system.


Experience and Capability in Solving Problem

We have adopted a unique approach in treating the problems we might encounter in our daily-basis work. That has developed in the positive environment of our company. This approach is quite constructive in a way we can diagnose the flaws and suggest the solutions and implement them.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

By our commitment in the achievement of all work requirements of the contracts, signed with public and private organizations, we have proved clearly that customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


Effective leadership

Task assignment is a particular skill we have developed. By knowing the each member of the team, tasks have to be assigned according to their abilities. Motivation is another skills. Those skills added effectiveness to our leadership.